Understandably, there may be some questions you have about selling your car online. We will attempt to answer some of the most common here in our FAQs section at SellMyCar4Cash.co.uk.

How does your service differ from WeBuyAnyCar.com?

We Buy Any Car asks you to drive your car to their premises before agreeing the final price – we will come to you.

What make and type of used cars do you buy?

Almost any car will be considered, providing it is less than seven years old, has a service record, and a mileage beneath 100,000.

What if I have outstanding finances or a hire purchase loan on the car I want to sell?

All outstanding finances due by your financer will be deducted from the balance of your cash payment. Financial agreements will not stop us from making a fair offer to buy your car.

What if the car I want to sell has been imported?

We still require you to complete the form. But when you reach the ‘Additional Comments’ box, please state clearly that the car was imported. We also require you to include the date, which country it came from (if outside the EU), and the name of the importer – provided you have all of these details.

What if the car I want to sell is damaged, faulty or in need of an MOT?

As long as you describe accurately and exactly what needs to be done to your car (you can provide evidence if required), we will devise a value based on the cost of the necessary repairs.

Do I need to bring the car to you for valuation?

Not necessarily. If you can describe the car fully, supply photos if requested and fax/email/post copies of documents, we can travel to your home to view and buy your car for cash.

Why should I trust you over any other car buying websites?

Sell My Car 4 Cash is a family-run business with more than 25 years of experience in the motor industry. You will get to personally interact with a member of our team, not just a faceless call centre operator. We are proud of our ability to instil trust in our clients and believe that personal communication is the best way for us to achieve this.

What if my question does not appear on this list?

Well, we would then invite you to send it to us directly through the ‘Contact Us’ section of our site. You can find the link at the very top of the page. Enter your question and we will provide you with the quickest answer we can.