About Us

SellMyCar4Cash was developed on the proviso that people should be able to sell cars online for free in an efficient, fair and secure manner. The site’s name is a direct reflection of a simple need of the people – sell my car for cash. Our site then entered the marketplace for free car selling sites, ready to take on the competition.

The online car buying company is owned and operated by David Penman Cars, a family car dealership situated in Darlington, County Durham in North East England. David Penman formed the dealership back in 1985 and has gathered more than 25 years of experience in the motor industry.

It has been over a quarter of a century that David Penman has forged an impeccable reputation rooted in fairness and customer care, both rare commodities now in the modern car business. Nevertheless, David’s approach lives on in the digital world and is greatly valued by the clients of SellMyCar4Cash.

Online car selling has never been easier thanks to SellMyCar4Cash.co.uk. Users fill in a simple form and then receive no obligation quote. The company promises every client the following:

  • A quick decision for you to sell your car
  • A fair deal where we will offer to buy your car for cash
  • Assistance with settling finances for hire purchase cars
  • Cash balances paid speedily
  • Customer care that exceeds expectations

You will find that we are very nice people to deal with. We make car selling very simple and will listen to you throughout the purchasing process. Enter your information on our easy-to-use online form and we can help sell your car for the best price.